sun Rent Conditions

sun 1. General

The renter only has the right to stay in the house during the period mentioned in the contract. The renter has not the right to claim a prolongation of the rent period unless the landlord agreed.

sun 2. Use of the house

After the period of rent the renter has to deliver up the house to the landlord in the same condition the landlord presented the house at the renters’ arrival, otherwise the landlord has to have the house cleaned by a third person. The costs for a basic cleaning will be charged with € 100 to the renter and will be deducted from his bail. It is forbidden to the renter to sublet the house. The landlord himself is obliged to present the house in a clean and perfect condition according to the detailed description list of house and inventory which is handed over to the renter on his arrival.

sun 3. Bail

Generally the landlord refunds the bail to the renter on his departure. In case of damage or lost of inventory/furniture in or at the house the costs for compensation will be deducted from the bail. Should the bail amount will not be high enough for compensation the renter has to pay the additional costs.

sun 4. Number of persons

The number of persons living in the house during the rented period does not have to be higher than 8 persons.

sun 5. Animals/pets in the house

For hygienic reasons we do not accept animal in the house.

sun 6. Inventory- meter readings

At the renters arrival as well as his departure there will be done an inventory as well as meter readings for consumption of water and electricity which will be signed by both parties the renter and the landlord.

sun 7. Payment

The contract only becomes effective after the payment of a deposit (bail) as well as the reception of a signed exemplar of the contract by the landlord. The rest of the rent costs have to be paid at the renters’ arrival. In case that the renter does not arrive on the agreed day the renter has to inform the landlord. But in any case the rest of the rent costs have to be paid the latest the day of arrival mentioned in the contract, otherwise paragraph 9 b comes into effect.

sun 8. Shortening of rent period

If the renter wants to shorten the period of rent for whatever reason, the renter must know that the landlord will not refund unless the renter has to leave the house because of any fault of the landlord.

sun 9. Withdrawal of the contract

Any withdrawal has to be done in written form. a) The landlord will not refund the bail unless he will be able to rent the house for the same period for the same amount to an other party. In that case the landlord will pay back 50 % of the bail to the renter. b) The renter has not arrived the day of agreement and has not informed the landlord:

sun 10. Insurance of the house

The renter has to insure the house by himself