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sun Oléron

If you look for rest and release you will find it on Oléron - the Sunshine Island with its long secluded sandy beaches. Oléron is situated in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean to the south of the island “Ré”. Despite its calm location it is not to far away from all the important historic cities in that region called “Charente Maritime” which are La Rochelle, Rochefort, Saintes and Royan. You find easy and comfortable access to them through a bridge which connects island and continent. Oléron also is very famous for its exceptional quality of oysters.

Oléron from the sky

Due to the Golf stream which passes the island there is through the whole year a unique micro climate, which makes the winter months spring-like and because of a permanent light wind the hot summer months very comfortable. The considerable quantity of iodine in the air is healthful for skin and respiratory organs. There is also a Thalasso Therapy Center on the Island.

beach, see and sport...good life!

On Oléron you will find a 17 km long wild and lonely fine sandy beach surrounded by forests and dunes. Sport activities are possible through out the year.

Harbour of St Trojean

No matter if you discover the island by car, bicycle, boat or by feet. Come and see Oléron’s viniculture, visit its salterns and for them who are gourmets of seafood its oyster-culture.

Oyster Marennes Oléron fine de claire

sun Le grand village plage

This is the name of the little village on the island where your holiday home is situated.

It is a house placed in a nature reserve on the edge of the wood called “St Trojean” which you can pass and after about 1 km by bicycle or on foot you will reach the beach.

Of course there is also a street to the beach so that you can go as well by car or use the village transport service a little train.

About 200 m away from the house there is a little market place where you can find the post office, bank, pharmacy, little supermarket, baker, kiosk, boutique, restaurants and a Café. Activities: museum of art, saltern, tennis, water sports at the beach.

For further information please look on "le grand village plage" homepage.

sun Some information about the historic cities! (please click on the names)

Beautiful area from France !